2018 has been a busy year for Havisham Group

A number of new strategic investments has seen us expand our portfolio exponentially and we are very excited to be supporting and guiding these businesses on their path to future success.

Here is a bit more detail on each of our new ventures


Cefinn is a global E-commerce fashion and accessories brand targeting the modern, professional woman created by Samantha Cameron. Cefinn’s aim is to further access the global clothing, footwear and accessories market worth £50bn in the UK alone and £300bn in the US. Samantha is a passionate entrepreneur with an impressive international network and a strong family background in design and highly successful brand building retail.

Visit the website here


Offspring are a FinTech business who are developing a mobile led platform which encourages parents, grandparents and other family members to save and gift regularly towards goals related to their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews etc. The Offspring app will incentivise positive savings behavior and will be linked to existings savings and investment products whilst also providing Inheritance Tax calculations and reporting. Development is still in the early stages but the business has already had several positive conversations with various banks & buildings societies on potential partnerships.

B4 Films

B4Films is an independent television production company based in Scotland. The company is led by Creative Director Jim Brown and Managing Director, Chris Brown. Having worked with B4 Films on a number of individual joint venture projects in the past, Havisham Assets has recently completed a deal to invest in the business itself. B4Films have a number of very exciting projects in the pipeline and we are looking forward to building on our existing relationship and making this business a success.

Visit the website here

Lower My Charges

Lower My Charges are a Fintech/Regtech business that focus on the wealth and advice market. Lower My Charges’ mission is simple; to save millions of people thousands of pounds. They are doing this by making financial advice more accessible, affordable and efficient, whilst additionally removing the misleading annual charges placed on advice by traditional IFAs. The Lower My Charges portal will enable customers to view their financial ‘Net Worth’ in a visual dashboard, whilst providing remote advice sessions at a flat monthly cost.

Visit the website here

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